STEM Outreach Programs

Shattuck-St. Mary’s welcomes area learners to experience a variety of engaging opportunities in the realm of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Offerings are age-appropriate and hands on/minds on in nature and strive to follow a 3-stage approach, “Inspiration->Creativity->Innovation” at their core. Like the field of science itself, new avenues of exploration are always under development with new programming offered each year. For more information, contact STEM@SSM director John Blackmer at or 507/333-1562.

General STEM@SSM Flyer

2 scientistsEncounters (Saturday morning STEM activities during the school year)
Our monthly inquiry challenge series for youth ages 9-14. Sign up for one, a few or do them all! Each month we’ll inspire participants to investigate, create, and innovate their way through a STEM challenge. Cost is $15 per Saturday and need-based scholarships are available. Click here to learn more.

water_plant_4Hometown Hi-Tech Tours2014-2015 events are set to go!
Take a peek behind the scene of hi-tech in use every day right in Faribault! Meet the innovators, learn about their technologies, and hear their stories for success. Events are free and open to students elementary through high school. Click here to learn more.

STEMphotoSTEM Courses (after school and evenings during the school year)
Enrichment courses for students at 9-14 showcasing a variety of innovative skills in STEM. Topics vary from year to year and include the technologies of 3D Design & Printing, Structural Engineering, Lego Robotics, Vex Robotics, Chemistry, Power & Energy, and more! Fees vary by program and need-based scholarships are available. Click here to learn more about this year’s offerings.


Summer Immersion Camps 20142015 events available in spring
A week’s work of day camp in one innovation-filled day! Most stays start out with an investigation into a specific realm of STEM and then progress into inquiry-based activities where participants put their talent, imagination, and new skills to the test. Click here to learn more about last summer’s offerings

STEMweCreate1Gifted & Talented Programming
Does your school have students that are ready for further enrichment in programing? Let’s talk! We have opportunities available to give your students the challenges they hunger for not only in STEM, but also in creativity, empathetic design thinking, and global cultures. Email or call 507/333-1562 for more information!

Student Mentors
Each year we place Shattuck-St. Mary’s upper school students directly in classrooms around the area to assist teachers in after school math and reading programs for students in need of extra support. Email or call 507/333-1562 for more information!

collaboration at workField Trips to our STEM center
Would you like to bring your class to visit our new Fayfield Hall STEM Center? How about a tour of our technology and perhaps let your students participate in a lab activity alongside Shattuck-St. Mary’s students in the classroom? Email or call 507/333-1562 for more information!

solar-thermal-passive-design1Energy Innovators Showcase
(still under development)